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tv   BBC World News  PBS  June 1, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> the head of world football tells if i have faye's annual tchoongs he's the right captain to steer it back on to court. >> we all know that the fifa ship is in moving waters. i could even say in troubled waters. >> considerable suspicion that can't be swept away. germany says the winning cup bid must be re-examined. the u.n. nuclear watchdog says japan underestimated the risk of a tsunami hitting the fukushima plant. also to come, ratko mladic has been seen by doctors in the hague ahead of his court appearance.
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we'll be speaking to a prosecutor that helped draw up the indictment against him. and the u.s. space shuttle endeavor returns safely from its last mission. >> thank you. touch down. blatter, has acknowledged that the organization is a ship in troubled waters. he is expected to be re-elected unopposed today. he says he is the captain who will put the ship back on the track. meanwhile another has been denied entry into the congress after being unabled to file his appeal. this is how he opened to the congress. >> we all nebraska that the
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fifa -- we all know that the fifa ship is in, what i can say, troubled waters. but i think this ship must be brought back on the right route. and i am the captain of the ship. it is therefore, my duty and responsibility to see to it that we get back on the right route, but i can only do it with your help, because it is with your help that we organize here. you are the owners of fifa. >> well, the 61st congress is still going on and mr. blatter, himself, is still speaking. let's go live to it. >> and we have another
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instrument that is the ethics committee. rather young, it has been called into life at our congress in 2006, in germany. it has, right now, at its helm, claudio. and this ethics committee has spoken about zero tolerance. but is it enough to speak? no. we need facts. we need action. so if we do have the instruments, and if these instruments are not enough, we have two solutions. either we reinforce these, or we create new instruments.
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but where all this evil comes from that is now in fifa. where does it come from? it has to do with the , the world cup. because the at beautician of the world cup and everything that was around the december 2, 2010, of that kicked off a wave of accusations, proposals, criticism, and they are still coming. and for this reason i say we are on a ship and no longer on a pyramid. we are on a ship, and this ship is moving.
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and while they -- why concentrate on the world cup? basis it's not just the economic value but social and political value of the world cup. and it's therefore our duty to react. the first fact is it's correct that at tribeautician is done by the world cup committee. in one of the interventions we have just heard, it was said that we should empower them. give more power to them. i am 100% in agreement. i want that in the future, the organization of the world cup will be decided by fifa's congress, by the fifa congress. [applause]
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the executive committee will create a short list and will make no recommendations. only a list. and then the congress will decide on the venue. we talk about the code of ethics. we must reinforce it. the ethics instrument exists, but we must strengthen it. welles make it look professional. we must make it more professional. we must make it more professional in the sense that we have an institution in fifa. it is within the realm of fifa. it is the independence ethics committee. it is for you to decide, the members of the ethics committee, and i repeat the members of the ethics committee
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must be elected by congress. this is your right and privilege, but also your responsibility. the congress must elect them. you may also add others. like in the disciplinary body and appeals body. but it is important that this code of ethics must also be a code of good personal conduct as well, and put your hand on your heart that the members of the national associations president, here, have you. have you all read the code of ethics? i don't want an electronic vote on that, but ask yourself. have you read the code of ethics? but this is not sufficient.
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this is not sufficient, because there's in the air public opinion. there's politics. and remember the message yesterday by the president of the swiss confederation, we in fifa now, we must have an instrument at our disposal that will look and inquire deeply into all the problems and all the criticism and all the allegations, accusations against fifa. because we want to bring together all the necessary evidence, and then find a solution. you may call that corporate governance and compliance. it's not easy to translate into terms, but i understand that we
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would have a committee for solutions and not a committee for discussions. it is a committee that must find these solutions, and this committee must be made up by personalities from inside fifa, and these personalities within fifa, they will then report to the executive committee, and they will be accountable to you. if necessary -- if it is necessary to find solutions, and we will call it an extraordinary congress, because we will stop once and for all, all these ugly criticisms and allegations and things hitting us left, right and center.
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of course it is a game we are in, but the credibility, the reputation of all of us is at stake. it's not too late in the moment to say we'll see it tomorrow. we must take a look at it today and go ahead with all the power of this congress which has gathered here, today. i hope that you will follow the path that i am trying to chart over the waters with this ship, and that we are going to make headway. because we must know where we are going. but we want to go there where we must be. meaning with our game, build a better future.
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and for this reason, we need these instruments. we can perhaps be more at ease when it comes to the financial situation, which is excellent, thanks to the formidable 2010. but we must protect football. football belongs to you, belongs to the fans, but you, you the national associations, the congress of fifa, you are the ones that are charged with protecting this game. we must create the things to protect this game. you must take this treasure, this huge treasure. and i thereby call upon you with the proposals i have made,
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for the world cup to be designated by congress to give me the possibility to create this famous solutions committee. this would be made up by people from inside our huge football family. and to strengthen the present structure of the ethics committee, and make it more professional, and possibly have an extraordinary congress from that. you must know that football belongs to everyone, and we are the ones in charge. and i would like to show that i am able to take upon me, the responsibility that football lays on my shoulders, and the
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responsibility that you lay on my shoulders. i am ready. and i can do it, because i want to put this ship back on its course, get the ship out of the troubled waters. get out of the choppy waters, and put this ship once again into a safe harbor so we can yet again build this pyramid whose bases are the national association's, and i repeat, i am at your disposal for this. and we can do it together. we will get there, and together with all of you, fifa will once again find its credibility which you must -- which it must have. if you want to follow me, all of you, say it. [applause]
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well, dear friends, let's go. let's go and we will intensify that which is absolutely necessary, communication. so the media will also get news, good news from fifa, and not just the bad news, which are -- well, moreless rumors or things that could have been said. but the importance is discipline, respect and fair play. and put these three elements into our group. opinion, respect and fair play in our society in our work for the next four years. i thank you for your attention. [applause] >> well, so fifa president
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blatter, who is due to be re-elected today addressing the congress of fifa amid massive controversy, loads of crutchings allegations swirling around the whole organization. now we thought that he was pretty impervious to all of these criticisms that are flying around, and some of them quite personal. but he seems to have taken some of these onboard. >> yes. if we just go from the news stories today, the german football federation, they have called for re-examine nation of the way qatar won the 2002 world cup. blatter says the way the congress was chose at any venue
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was a vote. now they will draw up a short list. now it's only 20 members because four members are currently suspended over allegations of corruption. of course we saw for 2018 there were five or six countries in the running.d and the u.s.a. were two up against qatar. so they will still have some control, but in the end, that's some power from blatter. >> now general is talking. we will go back to that. >> which also has a very strong bit of our work in south africa and also the first-ever international fan fest in six cities outside of south africa. the fifa world cup legacy, in
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africa with the health centers and legacy trusts. we have grassroots programs and different projects in south africa, and as the fifa president has explained, it was also the most successful fifa event in the story of the past fifa world cup. >> we're going to leave jerome, the general, as he lists the benefits that have acrewed because of the south african world cup. and we'll keep you up to date in zurich. let's move on to another main story. ratko mladic, who has now been seen by his doctors at the
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international war crimes tribunal in the hague. he will make his first appearance before the tribunal. the 69-year-old was extradited from belgrade after he was denied the fight for extradition due to poor health. he will be officially aranged on friday. now we can go live to the man who drew up the list of indictments against ratko mladic who happens to be in cambodia at the moment. thank you for joining us, mr. kaley. you must have a certain element of satisfaction over the developments in the last few days. >> thank you. i think it's only fair to say that the war crimes tribunal was set up ultimately to try two people.
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one was mladic and the court has both in custody. >> you say he's now due to be aranged and actually hear the list of charges on friday. how does what the defendant does on that particular occasion, how does that influence the process of him? >> well, obviously, the charges will be read out to him, and he will try to plead guilty or not guilty. my understanding is he's already saying he doesn't recognize the jurisdiction of the court, so it's highly likely the judge will enter pleas of not guilty in the indictments. >> and the war crimes tribunal for the former yukeslaveann has come under quite a bit of criticism. rat vitch is currently going
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through his trial is there a need for there to be some sort of stream lining or slimming down of the process? >> well, in fact, you'll find that the prosecution at the yugoslav tribunal have already applied to amend the indictment, which i supervised the production of in 2002. and in fact they are reducing the number of counts from its original number. and also with an order to try them together. so i think the prosecutor is taking every step they can to ensure that justice is being done as speedly as possible. >> and the war crimes itself need to prove it's if it for -- that it's fit for purpose.
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>> well, i think frankly, the fact that care vitch and mladic are in both custody and karavitch is the best evidence you could have that the court was established for this purpose, to try these two individuals. so if any proof were needed to justify itself now, it's those facts. >> what if the defendant decides he wants to represent himself, what could be done to prevent him from using this as an occasion for grandstanding as some of the others before him have? >> well, some have represented themselves, obviously it's better for an individual to be represented by legal counsel. but if that is made the judge and prosecution are very much
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used to that taking place and being able to supervise proceedings so that they move effectively and quickly. if mladic stidse to do that. frankly, he'd be better off engaging counsel. >> thank you for taking the time to talk to us at "bbc world news." now we've got a quick look at some of the days' -- at some of the day's other news. a powerful clan pleaded not guilty that he planned the killing of 57 preliminary opponents and jourmists. the senior, seen here in the yellow shirt entered his plea after being indicted inside a manila maximum security prison. his son is said to have led a group to ambush some. new conspiracy and murder charges have been filed against the man accused of plotting the september 11 attacks.
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khalid sheikh mohammad and four alleged co-conspirators all held at guantanamo bay will face at least 12 charges. in bahrain it's expected to lift a state of emergency after a march began. the king has called for a national dialogue on the first as they try to find a way out of political crisis after a 0-week violent crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. >> and the international aids society has called for a new look at solving h.i.v. as new infections in some countries still exceed the number of people starting treatment. >> a team from the united nations nuclear agency says japan underestimated the tsunami's threat to a nuclear power plant but a team of
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iaea's organization praised their reaction when it was struck, calling it exemplary. >> after the preliminary finding from this iaea team, they said they are here to find out what lessons could be learned not just for japan but for all countries and they said in the case of japan, the dangers presented by natural hazards had been underestimated. the fukushima plant, of course, is still crippled and leaking radiation. around that plant there was a sea wall 5.7 meters high. the tsunami that hit it back in march, that was perhaps more than 14 meters high. so it overwhelmed the sea wall and flooded the protection system and backup system. >> and has all this fallout
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from the fukushima plant damage, has it led a loss of appetite to have it supply future energy as it has in parts of europe? >> surely they were expecting more and more power to come from nuclear, but now their basic policy on energy is going to have to be re-assessed. so other energy is going to be explored. today the government has been 'em plorg government workers to swap their suits for t-shirts to cut down on air-conditioning. >> to remind you of the top line coming out of fifa's congress taking place in zurich, the current president, batter, has told delegates that in the future, the world cup is going to be -- the host country will be chosen by a vote of all
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208 member associations rather than the 24-man executive committee. that seems to to be the top line coming out of zureb -- out of zurich. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click-to-play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its
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